Itxaso Mediavilla

Itxaso Mediavilla

Itxaso Mediavilla

“My first memories are standing in front of my father’s camera. At a young age I got my own camera and started taking photographs. The camera is always with me, snapping away, recording my life and my loved ones. Having children has given me the chance to adapt my eye to the lens, capturing the moments there and then. No improvising, no staging.”

Itxaso is from the Basque Country in north Spain. She came to England in her early twenties to improve her English and never went back.

Itxaso gained a  BA in English Studies at Westminster University and soon after started raising her family while moving to Asia. Back in the UK, and the children starting school,  Itxaso started photographing all the school events and giving away her photographs for them to be displayed in prime locations in the subjects’ homes. It was after a South African safari trip that, having printed her photos to hang them in her home, someone offered to buy them.

“Itxaso shows a real eye for her subjects and an obvious passion for documenting the natural world in her travels. It is this passion which has led to a collection of work that, from the very first viewing, I knew had a quality that needed to be exhibited for others to enjoy. Her unique style of adding a small tinge of colour to her black and white images make the photographs both intriguing and stunning. What attracts me most is the calm nature of the photographs and I see an empathy with the way I like to capture my portraits of people, showing an inner soul.” Alistair Morrison

Itxaso’s work met with the approval of friend and photographer Alistair Morrison who organized an exhibition of her work at his gallery, New Lodge in Windsor. From that moment Itxaso didn’t look back and became a selling photographer.

“I never had an interest in cameras, equipment or photoshop but I have a desire to capture what is around me and to create beautiful and interesting images. I want to be better and to develop my creative side and that made me take the plunge and become a student, a mature student once again!”

Currently doing a Postgraduate Diploma in Photography at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, Itxaso has developed a passion for portraiture and media format photography. Itxaso is  currently working towards a portfolio of portraits, landscapes and architectural images.